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Why Raise Professionals

We promise to listen to your aspirations and dreams and work closely with you to understand what you want from a new role in care or other sectors. Given our leading role within the industry and our awarded supplier status on all networks, Raise Professionals offers priority access to vacancies as soon as they are released.

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  • Committed to diversity and inclusion
  • The largest supply of healthcare
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Competitive pay scale
  • Referral bonus
  • Career development opportunities
  • Swift compliance check
  • Fast & agile recruitment process

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We create supportive relationships with our valued clients, understanding their unique business needs and pinpointing the ideal fit for their company culture, thereby helping our candidates fulfill their career potential. We give you thoughtful insights to keep growing in your career and give you the right handles to land that new job.

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Find your dream job with Raise Professionals. We help you find the best career, based on your talents, education, and experience levels. When you Signup, we assist you throughout your placement and, potentially, for many years as your employment develops.

If you're a professional interested in making your next move, we're here to help! See what job companies have to say about their job. We always strive to match the right person to the right job and let you positively impact organizations and people's lives every day.

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"Raise Professionals has been a true game-changer in my life. I'm impressed with how they recruit candidates like me and help me figure out my dream career. This app will definitely be recommended to friends and colleagues who are looking for opportunities". Harry Rudolf, Construction, USA

"Raise professionals is a very intuitive and user-friendly application. I am using Raise Professionals to find my dream job, which has been the best platform. I am so impressed with how Raise Professionals handled the whole recruitment process. I will strongly recommend the solution to all my friends I know." Clare Thomas, Support Worker, UK

"Raise Professionals is an excellent tool that makes hiring so easy while also offering so many great features. I use it at my clinic for hiring staff. Our productivity improved significantly as a result of eliminating repetitive tasks and acquiring the latest recruitment tools. The whole team loves it and it is easy to use."


  • Recruiting in healthcare isn't about luck.

  • The First Interview: Making a Great Impression

  • Guidelines to Follow Before, During, and After the Interview

  • Don't Say You're Passionate - Do This Instead.

  • How to Nail the Interview: Tips to Follow

  • How to Respond to "What inspired you to pursue a profession in nursing?"