Healthcare Staffing Supply & Demand; How is this Affecting the Industry?

Healthcare Staffing Supply & Demand; How is this Affecting the Industry?

The UK healthcare sector has been challenged with many staffing issues in the last few years. Due to Covid, the legislation associated with it, the raised workload pressure on those working on the front line, and the prioritization of the NHS over health & social care within the UK have dramatically transformed staffing levels in the healthcare sector. These factors forced many professionals to leave this sector altogether, creating an uncontrolled staffing shortage in the country.

The healthcare staffing problem has come to an all-time high. The NHS Confederation, which defines the entire healthcare system, is reaching on the UK Government to execute new steps in the UK to support overstretched hospitals, struggling ambulance services, and social care services to manage the widespread shortages of medical professionals and healthcare employees in general. So what happens when temporary staff is in high demand and agency staff are expected to earn more for taking risky jobs?

In this blog, we are checking what happens when there is an increase in the need for temporary staff. Ultimately some individuals require care on the whole, so this scenario of staff shortage shouldn't be detrimental to them. This means a balance will require between the care-providing businesses and recruitment companies that provide temporary staffing solutions. Many healthcare recruitment agencies are inflating prices to take advantage of the current staffing shortage.

A business must make a profit rather than a loss. However, unethical increases in charge rates do not provide longevity in a harmonious and mutually beneficial partnership.

As an expert recruitment agency specializing in healthcare staffing solutions, our transparency and consistency have allowed us to mold valuable relationships within the health & social care sector. In all honesty, we can’t justify the increases by other staffing agency owners in the UK. Here at Raise Professionals, we don’t plan to follow suit as this would be detrimental to our reputation.

Are we preparing to exploit the current staffing crisis to manipulate profit? Of course, not. With inflation and the national minimum wage increase, businesses will inevitably raise their prices. Despite the economic challenges we face, we must ensure we can deliver our services in a way that allows us to continually enhance our services, invest in our people, and focus on the business's growth and sustainability.

To justify your prices, you must be able to justify them based on the quality of your service. If you don't put the quality of service first, you're just focusing on making money - something we do not support.

As a healthcare recruitment agency in the UK, if you plan to hike your prices to exploit the current crisis, we urge you not only to do so but also to consider how it will negatively influence the longevity of your business. In order to build a successful business relationship, there must always be a mutual expectation, built upon trust and exceeding expectations. We at Raiseprofessionals are working hard to change the narrative around recruitment agencies and show many are honest, fair, and look out for their clients' best interests.

It's essential to recall that not all healthcare recruitment agencies are the same. Suppose you're not satisfied with how your current agency supplier has handled this staffing issue and are concerned about the level of service you are receiving. In that case, we are available to have an informal chat. Let us look at your current challenges, and perhaps we may have a solution that will add some real value to your business. Perhaps we can offer a solution that will add value to your business based on your current challenges.